Amice Advocaten migration Lawyers – India desk

Amice Advocaten migration Lawyers – India desk

Amice Advocaten migration Lawyers is a boutique law firm in the Netherlands which focuses on labour migration. We are specialists in migration law.

Amice Advocaten focuses on labour migration for companies and private persons (high skilled migrants)

Amice Advocaten can provide visa for:

  • Highly skilled migrants;
  • Work permits;
  • EU Blue Card;

Amice Advocaten can arrange the one stop solution for your company as a total package:

  • Setting up Dutch company (B.V.);
  • Applying for the work permit for the director and following employees;
  • Helping to open a bank account for the new company;

Amice Advocaten charges for the total package a fixed price for the whole procedure for the application with the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND), setting up B.V., applying for the work permit and assistance for opening the bank account. If it takes more time or more effort from our side: it is for our account.

Amice Advocaten provides very high service and works very quick. Amice Advocaten has English and Hindi speaking immigration lawyers.

How can we help you?

Amice Advocaten can help with the following services:

  • Highly Skilled Migrants

The Dutch immigration policies allow companies to, quickly and in a straightforward manner, recruit highly skilled personnel from outside the European Union. In order to allow this there is a specific ruling for highly skilled labour. Within the EU this ruling is among the most favourable for allowing skilled labour in.

The first step for a company to be able to employ highly skilled migrants is to become a recognised sponsor. The Dutch Immigration Service makes the assessment whether a company can be a trusted partner for the Immigration Service and be accepted as recognised sponsor. This takes approximately 5 weeks.

  • Recognized sponsor

A recognized sponsor in the Netherlands is a company or organization that has been officially recognized by the Dutch government as a sponsor of highly skilled migrants. This recognition is granted by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and allows the sponsor to sponsor highly skilled migrants for a residence permit in the Netherlands.

To be recognized as a sponsor, a company or organization must meet certain criteria set by the IND. This includes:

  • Having a valid business registration
  • Being financial stable
  • Having a good reputation and no history of serious violations of labour laws or immigration laws
  • Having a valid sponsorship agreement with the IND
  • Having a plan in place for the integration of the highly skilled migrant into the company or organization.

Once a company or organization has been recognized as a sponsor, it can sponsor highly skilled migrants for a residence permit under the Dutch Highly Skilled Migrant (HSM) scheme. This scheme allows highly skilled migrants from outside the European Union (EU) to work and live in the Netherlands for up to five years, with the possibility of renewing their residence permit for an additional five years.

Recognized sponsors are responsible for the highly skilled migrants they sponsor and are required to provide the IND with regular updates on their employment status and compliance with Dutch laws and regulations.

It’s important to note that being a recognized sponsor is not the only way for a company or organization to sponsor highly skilled migrants, but it’s a common and recognized way to do it, and it’s generally easier and faster than other ways.

The government fee to apply to be become a recognised sponsor is € 4,326.

For start-ups and companies employing less than 50 employees the government fee is € 2,162.

Once the company is approved to become a recognised sponsor, this is for indefinite period. Only once approved can the company file applications for highly skilled migrant visa and work permits.

  • EU Blue Card

The EU has adopted Directive 2009/50/EC which regulates the entry of highly skilled migrants within the EU. This particular residence permit is called the EU Blue Card. The EU Blue Card will co-exist with the residence permit for highly skilled migrants. The EU Blue Card is not easier to be acquired than the residence permit for highly skilled migrants, but it will allow for better possibilities to work in other EU member countries. The salary threshold to qualify for the EU Blue Card is gross per month € 5,867 (exclusive 8% holiday pay), which is gross annually € 70,404 (excluding 8% holiday allowance).

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