Amice Advocaten is a Dutch law firm with extensive experience in construction law, property law, cross-border litigation and international arbitration. In particular, Amice Advocaten advises businesses in the industrial sector and the construction and property sector, as well as ICT businesses.

Mr. J.C. van Vliet

As a lawyer, Jeroen van Vliet has gained wide experience in business law in the broadest sense and in construction and property law. In recent years he extended his practice to businesses in related sectors such as installation, ICT and agriculture, for which he drafts and reviews contracts on a regular basis. Thanks to his earlier experience as in-house counsel at one of the large construction companies, he can quickly analyse complex issues and come up with workable solutions. Jeroen is fluent in (legal) English and speaks Russian; he has extensive experience in cooperating with foreign parties.

Jeroen specialises in preventing business disputes, but also on resolving such disputes through litigation. In each case, he chooses a clear (litigation) strategy in consultation with the client. In addition to a range of companies, he also assists private individuals who are facing (business) disputes. Jeroen is commercially astute and driven and has the right skills to handle trade disputes, construction conflicts and terminations of continuing performance agreements (agency, distribution). Jeroen has a degree in Dutch Law and Russian Studies from Leiden University.

Mr. J. van Duijvendijk (Of Counsel)

Jan van Duijvendijk is specialised in property law, project development and construction law. His focus is on writing clear agreements and recommendations. He is associated with Amice Advocaten as an of counsel. Jan teaches the subject of development law; he is a Fellow of Development Law at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate (ASRE) and works as a lecturer on the Project Development training programme offered by NEPROM (the Netherlands Association of Project Developers and Investors). He also co-authored the Handboek Projectontwikkeling (‘Project Development Handbook’) published by NEPROM. As Project Development Editor, he is part of the editorial team of Vastgoedcontracten (‘Property Contracts’), the model contract book of Den Hollander Publishers. He is a member of the Association of Construction Lawyers (VBR-A). From time to time he publishes articles. He studied Dutch Law at Leiden University and was first sworn in as a lawyer in 1983. After his first stint as a lawyer with the Dutch Supreme Court, he spent many years working as an in-house counsel at large enterprises, after which he returned to legal practice. Jan is a passionate birdwatcher and very interested in music, on which subject he gives regular lectures. Jan has extensive experience in all aspects of project development, assisting project developers and drafting collaboration agreements for the benefit of project developers.

Mr. K. van Berkel (arbeidsrechtjurist)

Kim has been working in employment law since 2008. She graduated from the University of Leiden and has completed a post-doctorate specialization in employment law in 2014. Evaluations have shown that her clients find her both involved and practical in working with her. By thinking out of the box Kim is able to achieve practical solutions for complex employment law challenges. Because Kim is bilingual ( English-Dutch) she often assists international organizations.

Assisting companies in the broadest sense of the word is where Kim excels, from  reorganizations and individual dismissal procedures to advising with long-term disability and drafting employment agreements. Also drawing up personnel handbooks and advising on or implementing personnel councils and CAO regulations are procedures she regularly carries out. She also has experience with recruitment and establishing personnel policy. Taking full care of companies from HR to employment law is Kim’s main drive.

In her spare time she enjoys traveling the globe with her family and friends. Her hobbies include cooking, working out and reading a good thriller.

Mr. D. Kohelet (Legal Counsel)

Daniel Kohelet was born in Jerusalem (Israel) but has lived in the Netherlands nearly all his life. He graduated in Criminal Law in Leiden in 2017 and subsequently worked in various legal areas, both in legal practice and in the public and semi-public sectors. Daniel’s expertise lies in the law of obligations, administrative law, migration law and insolvency law. Daniel’s style is characterised by tenacity, creativity and a sharp eye for detail. Legal purity and quality are of paramount importance to him. Daniel comes from a family of artists and has affinity with art and culture in a broad sense, but also with entrepreneurship. He speaks Dutch and Russian at native level, speaks and writes fluent English and can express himself reasonably well in German. Dutch weather permitting, Daniel is a keen cyclist in his leisure time.

Mr. Maxim Benistant (Legal Counsel)

Maxim Benistant comes from a family with a long tradition in legal practice. In 2011, he graduated with honours in Private Law from Utrecht University, after which he worked as a legal representative and tutor. Maxim’s expertise lies in the area of property, construction and tenancy law. Keeping agreements is high on his list of priorities. He is known for his focus on solutions, decisiveness and thoroughness. In his leisure time, he is an outdoor person and keen to spend time with his young family.

Jiayi Wang LLM (paralegal)

Maastricht University 2020-2021

Mater of Laws – LLM

Candidate in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management (IPKM)

East China University of Political Science and Law

Sophia Rizai (junior paralegal)

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht 2019

Bachelor of Laws