Welcome to Amice Advocaten

Welcome to Amice Advocaten

The Dutch law firm Amice Advocaten was set up in 2008 and has its offices at Maliebaan in Utrecht. Our law firm has offered its clients a consistent service for nearly 15 years. Amice Advocaten is a reputable niche law firm, specialised in providing services to the business community in the Netherlands and abroad. In particular, Amice Advocaten assists companies in the industrial sector and in the construction and property sector, as well as ICT companies.

The firm’s areas of specialisation in this context are business law, construction law, property law, administrative law and procurement law. These specialist areas encompass the legal areas of (international) contract law, (international) arbitration, planning and zoning law and procedural law in general. In addition, our firm has a Russia/CIS desk and a China desk. The China desk focuses primarily on advising businesses working on the BRI (Belt Road Initiative).

The Dutch law firm that speaks the client’s language

The lawyers working at Amice Advocaten speak the client’s language. Matters such as UAV-GC specifications, structural drawings, OEM Reseller agreements and zoning plans are familiar territory for Amice Advocaten. Teaming agreements and distribution contracts are no problem either. Whether you want to bring international construction arbitrations, have been summoned, or want to make a prejudgment attachment on a defaulter’s bank account: Amice Advocaten has extensive litigation experience and would be happy to help.

The Dutch law firm with the right speed and quality

Quality and speed are paramount to our services. Our highly-qualified staff, legally based advice and a flexible office organisation help us achieve this. Our approach is characterised by tenacity and a focus on solutions. The success of Amice Advocaten is based in part on the pooling of strengths consisting in our lawyers’ experience and wide range of disciplines.


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